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EQUINET - Mustad Farrier App

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From adequate to excellent

With over 180 years in the hoofcare industry Mustad has always been working with farriers to develop valuable solutions. Entering the digital market with their EQUINET – Mustad Farrier App was a bold but important move. There were many lessons to learn in this new space — and I was happy to help them shape the product into what it is today.

From handwritten invoices to a fully integrated digital workflow

As farriers traditionally use paper notebooks and work with handwritten invoices there was a risk of losing important information essential to the success of their business. But with EQUINET, not only is this data available to them at any time and safely backed up on secure cloud servers at no risk of ever losing it — it also saves farriers an average of 10 hours a month of time spent on their administration, scheduling appointments and keeping track of the horses they attend to… leaving more time for them to focus on what really matters: providing the best service to their clients.

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